preCharge wallet & debit card +Secure payment channel

  • Commando

    preCharge is a 15 yr. strong U.S. Merchant Fraud Protection company that has gone Blockchain.

    Billions of dollars are spent each year on Fraud/Scam recovery. preCharge provides a Secure payment channel that protects all clients, Everyone wins!

    preCharge has proprietary tech that allows us to move 💰 & Digital currencies Securely Instantly Worldwide for Free!

    $1.00 USD = 100 PCPi tokens (Think Bitcoin only faster, cheaper, & No Hacks & Green♻️) Each token has growth potential 1.000000

    The preCharge wallet accepts Credit/Debit crypto Paypal & Links to Bank accounts.

    All transactions are Free! All wallets are Insured!

    We believe that Everyone will use it!

    A better way to pay! preCharge
    Digital Wallet & Debit card.

    Secure Instant Transactions Worldwide!
    No fees!
    Sign up is Free ➡️[](link url)

    No need to add email or password.

    Tap a social media icon that you already have an account with. Presto your wallet is set up!
    Then tap my wallet.
    To add PCPi tap + wallet topoff
    To send tokens tap wallet transfer add email of recipient and $ amount, leave yourself a memo then tap Proceed.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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