Bitcoin Making Its Way into Strip Clubs

  • Warrior

    Those who frequent the strip club, The Legend Room, in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be delighted to know that they can now tip their strippers with Bitcoin. A rather unusual idea that was conceived by the club’s owner, Nick Blomgren.

    Opened in 2017, The Legend Room is now aiming to outsmart even the most luxurious strip clubs in the continental USA. According to Blomgren, he wanted to find a way to keep the identity of his club’s clients anonymous and, saw Bitcoin and Blockchain technology as the perfect way to accomplish this.

    The idea gets even more unique and once we take a deeper look it’s easy to see how this is a well-thought-out idea for strip clubs. To pay a dancer in Bitcoin, a client simply needs to approach a dancer and scan a QR code assigned to them in the form of a temporary tattoo. Moreover, as an incentive, the club will be offering a 20% discount to all clients who pay by using the new service.

  • administrators

    It totally makes sense for strip clubs/ escort agencies to use blockchain technologies. I would think something like Monero, Zcash or Dash would provide the customer a tad more anonymity though...

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