Bitcointalk VIP Donators Each Gave 50 BTC!!

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    Came across this page: with a list of forum donators.
    I'm assuming these donations were made at a time when Bitcoins were $1 each.

    In today's money, 50 BTC is £400k or $550k. I think I'd feel sick if I'd given that much money away!

    50 BTC Donations happily accepted here :)

  • I remember reading a story way back in the day of someone buying a pizza from someone for some Ridiculous amount of BTC. It was in Bitcoins infancy and the buyer just wanted to prove you could buy things with it. Can recollect the amount but it might have even been more then 50 BTC but that sound a bit far fetched as well. Wish someone could find that old post.

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    @calicrypto I remember reading about that epic pizza purchase - it seems 10,000 BTC was paid for 2 pizzas!! Worth about $75 million at today's prices. Ouch.

    I wonder whether we'll be looking back in years to come and laughing at how cheaply you could pick up an Ether at 'only' £380...

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