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    Hello and welcome to this forum.

    Not everyone has used a forum before so I'd like to take this chance to explain to you how this site works and what's in it for you.


    We offer a generous rewards scheme for our forum contributors which includes the following:

    1. 10k Bitcoin Satoshis for your first post
    2. 350 Forum Gold coins for every 10 posts you make
    3. 250 Forum Gold coins for every 5 reputation points (upvotes) you get


    To be able to post replies, post new topics, upvote a post, communicate with any of the members and receive our weekly digest email, you need to first register as a new user. You can do that here or just click Register in the nav bar above. Please use a valid email address when you sign up or you won't receive notifications of mentions and replies from other users.

    Important Areas of the Site

    1. Introductions category. Start here to introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where you're from and what coins you like. Be a good citizen and say hi to someone else too!
    2. Ask A Crypto Question category. Got a burning crypto question? Ask it in this category, we have many crypto experts waiting to share knowledge.
    3. Beginner guides to cryptocurrency. These are basic guides to common terms you will hear talked about on the site. Let us know if you want more guides added!
    4. Comments and Feedback. Something not working correctly? Found something that would make the site awesome(r)? Let us know here.
    5. Individual Coin Forums. These are the forums for individual coin news/info. Do you have a passion for a particular coin? Would you like to share news about it with the community? If so, get in touch with me via a private chat session (click the chats icon top right) and we can talk more.


    Once you have registered, you can then create new Topics (a new line of discussion) and also reply to existing discussion topics. A post is just a contribution from a user and can either be a new topic or a reply.

    Be A Part Of Our Community

    Forums (much like social networks) can only work if users take the time and effort to interact with the community by making posts (replying to topics or creating new ones). So please - if you hear about a cool story or video or website relating to crypto then start a new Topic on this forum by hitting the 'New Topic' button. Remember, you'll be rewarded for your contributions with our Rewards Scheme.

    We really appreciate it when users post on our site.

    Creating a New Topic

    Creating a new topic is really simple. You just set the title, and then write what you want to say. Select a category and hit Submit! It's as simple as that.

    A few points to remember though:

    • To mention a user when you write a post just use the @username syntax. This user will receive a notification of the mention.
    • Posts use the Markdown syntax so you can upload photos make text bold or italic add links and lists by clicking on the buttons underneath the title. These buttons will add special symbols to your text (like * and #) which will not appear when the post is published. The Preview window on the left shows you what your post will look like after you hit Submit.

    Get Started

    That's it. Great to have you onboard. You're now ready to get stuck in and make your first post. So hit the reply button below and tell us a few words about yourself and why you love crypto.


    Make sure you add yourself to some groups by clicking the groups icon in the top menu. That way, you'll be instantly notified about any new topics related to the group name.

  • It seem that I have heard much and l hope as I have joined it will benefit and my standard of living
    So thanks very for the opportunity giving to me to join it
    It really a privilege

    But in all my name is Okyere Dankard in the short making it okd

    This is all what I can say about today
    Thanks to you all

  • administrators

    @okdbaah Hello and welcome to the forum. Very glad you could join us.

    I hope that you can benefit from crypto and improve your standard of living.

  • Contributors

    @joes Hello
    My name is Joseph just joined the forum. I'm a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an investor as well. I hope my membership of this forum will enlighten me more on crypto and its benefits

  • administrators

    @joedinco Hi Joseph - welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

    Great to have you with us. Would be great to see your views on our posts!

  • Hey everyone! I just joined Cryptocointrader and I am excited to be part of your community!

  • administrators

    @cryptomoonlambo Hi there! Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

    Looking forward to hearing your views :)

  • Contributors

    I'm new to this sight but I hope that have joined the forum there will be positive outcome. I'm a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor and I also hope my contribution is going to help others too

  • Contributors

    @joes thank. Hope to benefit from the forum

  • @joes So do I need to see this site like bitcointalk?
    A new forum, but with the same 'thought' or idea behind it?

  • administrators

    @plof87 Hi Plof87, welcome to the forum - thanks for posting.

    Good question. This site differs from bitcointalk because we don't focus on Bitcoin with the other coins being an afterthought - probably the opposite. We have a 'fresher' UI look (imho) and we also offer contributor rewards paid in crypto. We also have our own unique community vibe :)

  • @joes Seems good so far. Hope this will work out the way that you intended for it! :)

  • administrators

    @plof87 said in How To Use This Site:

    Hope this will work out the way that you intended for it! :)

    I hope so too - who knows where this ship will land!

    I am a web developer by trade, so we have the power to build whatever site the members (and me) like. Just building a live crypto prices page - should be released in a few days.

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    Newbie a cyrpto bounty hunter and love the idea of crypto coz i believe this is our future coins😊

  • administrators

    @sweet77 you are so right! Crypto is the future of money!

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Contributors

    Hello admin i am newbie in cryptocurency,my name @Maulana76 i am from indonesian ,i am want ask in forum coin what is a good chance in the coming months? Because i am want buy.

  • administrators

    @maulana76 said in How To Use This Site:

    Hello Maulana - welcome to the forum. You ask a very good question.
    A good place to post your question would be in the "Ask A Crypto Question" category (just click the Categories icon on the top left to find it). So if you create a new topic in there, you will get many replies, Im sure. If you have a problem, just send me a private chat message by clicking the Chats icon top right.

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