Robinhood App - opening up bitcoin and ethereum trading

  • Here's something I could not find an article on that I feel should be shared.

    Basically the Robinhood App, which allows you put money into stocks and such, is opening up a part of the app to invest in cryptocurrencies and all. I think the video says it a lot better than I would have said. But this could potentially have a HUGE impact if true. Given that a lot of people use Robinhood for small trading that makes them, and nets them, a small amount of money at a time that snowballs in effect if you add it as part of your portfolio.

  • administrators

    Oh man. Watched the video above for like 30 minutes and still no mention of the Robinhood App...

    Seems real though - you can now trade crypto on the Robinhood App - early bird access available here:

  • The website says Trading coming in February but its now March and you still have to apply / register to get early access? Does anyone know if this launch is experiencing delays? Has anyone used the app to trade crypto yet?

  • Supremo

    Interesting. Crypto is a lot more relevant now than most investors think. Robinhood has a ton of users so if they make it easy to invest in coins it'll definitely help get more $$$ into crypto.

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