Coincheck Users Are Suing After Exchange is Hacked

  • This is whaDo you think people will get their money back from hacked cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck? These hacks seem to be happening more and more often lately it seems. How far do some of these hacks set crypto back every time they occur?

    This is the message on the homepage:


  • Supremo

    I keep all my coins right now on Coinbase. Luckily I do not think they have been hacked and I really hope they do not get hacked in the future.

    I think people, especially those new to crypto, need to be aware of the risk of losing $$$ due to hacks like that. It's definitely a concern. Imagine if another Mt. Gox-esque hack happened.

  • Sadly it's a ruthless market out there. Because Coins aren't protected, or backed by fiat currency as an actual investment, if they're stolen there is little to not recovery at all, even if they're worth something. And if a lot of them get stolen? The FBI typically won't be involved. So it's a huge, huge risk that I dread constantly since I moved onto cryptocurrency investing a few years back.

  • Supremo

    @wisecrypto Yep. I do not have a ton invested in crypto now, but it is definitely something to think about in the future if I decide to put more $$$ into coins.

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