How can we explained "hard fork" to a layman understanding?

  • Supremo

    I heard try to explain the crypto word "hard fork" to a friend, but seem to have difficult in getting it very clear. Now, how can i make him get it in a layman level. Your ideas.

  • administrators

    @citycrypto My tuppence:

    A soft fork is basically just like a software update. Bitcoin has already had many soft forks - but this should not affect users of the system.

    A hard fork is a clean break from the original project and effectively creates a new project and new blockchain (e.g. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold etc). At the point of the hard fork, the code from the original project is copied intact but the new project is then free to modify the protocols and software however it likes. In doing so, the two projects are now incompatible and have to run separately as individual projects.

  • Supremo

    @joes good lesson, i also thought that In crypto, a disagreement between users over the rules of a currency is called a fork. If a disagreement is big enough, the currency can be split in two. This is called a hard fork..thank you

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