How Hard Would It Be To Start Your Own Charity Crypto or ICO

  • I love charity and do not see many of the new blockchain tech companies really focusing on this space. I think a charity crypto coin would be awesome. Donors could remain anonymous, money could be moved around cheaply, farther parts of the world could be reached easier etc. How hard is it to start your own coin or ICO? Are there any major crypto's out there that really focus on a charity aspect of a potential blockchain technology?

  • Supremo

    I think there are probably a few new coins focused on charity. I remember seeing one recently but I cannot remember its name.

    EDIT: I found it. It's called GiftCoin. Don't know much about it or how it works, but it is supposed to be made for charitable giving.

  • It's not hard at all, if you have the know how. In fact, some companies and organizations are doing just that right now, focusing instead on using them to create and funnel money to charity donations.

    However, kepe in mind that a lot of organizations, such as governments, do not like this. Mostly because of the whole anonymous part.

    But over all, expect this to become something normal in the future.

  • administrators

    In many cases, I'm not sure a new coin needs to be created here.

    If the charity is already established, they just need to create a Bitcoin and Ethereum address and ask for donations to their accounts.

    That's the beauty of crypto - super easy to make payments and remain (largely) anonymous.

    Thinking about it, that could be a nice job actually - Crypto consultant to charities :) @roryk @_keepleft interested?

  • Supremo

    I think creating your own coin or ICO on charity is just interest or something you love, and so, if you want to pursue a thing of interest like charity through ICO or coin creation, you can actually creat one even when there are so many that are into such blockchain ,it doesn't stops you ,may be ,who knows, yours could be the best on the blockchain technology. Thank you

  • administrators

    @citycrypto You're right.

    I guess the simplest way to create a charity would be to use an existing platform like Ethereum, Waves or NEO. Using these platforms, you can create a new batch of custom tokens - each of which could represent a donation to the cause. Then create a quick site + whitepaper for the ICO and start marketing it.

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