What are the significant differences between dash and bitcoin?

  • Supremo

    While Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous and can be traced to their users, Dash introduced PrivateSend transactions that allow Dash users to opt for full privacy in their transactions. This is "private send". Please add your thoughts.

  • administrators

    Great question, @citycrypto. Dash is one of the leading privacy coins (has a focus on security and privacy). It has a new blockchain with an 'InstantSend' feature (ie transactions can take seconds) and PrivateSend (hidden transactions). Dash rewards people running nodes (Masternodes) who can stake 1000 Dash with 7 Dash per month.

    Bitcoin's equivalent security coin is Zcash. Zcash runs on the Bitcoin network nodes as an addon and can be thought of as Bitcoin + privacy.

  • Supremo

    @joes i think i will study Zcash very well to get the basic. Thanks for your imput

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