Price Potential and Price Potential Acceleration explained

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    What is Price Potential and Price Potential Acceleration and how it will benefit you is explained in this video.

    Follow-up from @citycrypto and @joes feedback:

    Price Potential indicates what the current price of a coin should be if we were to compare it to a Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin individually or on average. Values are shown in USD and percentages where percentages indicate the difference between Potential Price and current price of a coin. In this picture the coin has 1'631% Potential to Bitcoin which can also be translated as: "This coin can grow for 1631% before it reaches its Price Potential to Bitcoin".


    Below that is Price Potential Acceleration which indicates how fast the coin is reaching its potential or in other words if it's out-performing Master coins or not. You can see right away if the coin is following Master coins price trends or not.
    Total PPA shows the average Acceleration for a chosen timeline (24h, 7d, 1m, 3m, 6m, 1y, All). In this picture, for last 7 days.

    On the right side is Price Potential chart showing the historical Price potential movements compared to average of all master coins.


    You can toggle the chart values for Potential to Bitcoin (P/BTC), Potential to Ethereum (P/ETH), Potential to Litecoin (P/LTC) separately or together to compare them. For this it is best to switch to Log scale (below the chart) which helps with large range of values.


    There is also Price Potential Reach (PPR) which can be toggled to see where is the point when the coin reaches its potential.
    Example is Ripple which is always hovering in the Price Potential Reach zone.


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    @roginich i think we also can get how it will benefit us if you take out some time write it down besides the video.Many of us, like me, love reading .Thank you

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    Nice video, @Roginich - the concepts were well explained.

    Quick suggestion - it would be nice to link to some screenshots of your app. You flashed a screenshot up in the middle but I didn't have time to fully see it.

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