Google Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising

  • administrators

    In an attempt to halt the spread of credit-fuelled crazy investment in potentially worthless ICOs, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and crypto-pyramid schemes, Google have joined Facebook in banning bitcoin/crypto advertising.

    Good idea or no?

  • Legend

    What happens when you ban something?

    People instantly want more of it.

  • It's a good idea for Google for many reasons. Its a bad idea for the crypto industry as it removes a major player from the equation for now. Good luck getting your name out without Google on your side but ads are not that big of a deal. Imagine if they stopped indexing crypto websites in their search engines? Or stopped youtube videos on them? Or something along those lines.

  • administrators

    Even without advertising on big G, there are a ton of ways to promote crypto projects. I'm sure people with big email lists/social media account will happily take money to send out some ad links. You can't stop these things.

  • Legend

    New crypto currency advertisement platforms will be in high demand now.

    Especially forums and websites.

    You could promote as a crypto advertisement heaven (introducing paid ads on the forum), now that Google and Facebook are banning them

    just a thought...

  • administrators

    @roginich Great idea! Just need to beef up the social media channels a bit ;)
    What do you think about as a domain name?

  • Legend

    I like the name.

    It would definitely need more traffic and exposure.

  • Supremo

    That's just stupid. Nothing wrong with being able to advertise your ICOs and other crypto endeavors. But hell, like @joes said, there are many other ways to advertise/promote crypto projects.

    People just need to be smart and not invest into anything they haven't thoroughly researched. I think the majority of crypto investors are at least smart enough to not put a significant investment into random ICOs they see on Google/Facebook ads...

  • administrators

    @lucky777 I think the problem is this: the type of ICO project that has loads of money to pay for ads at Google or Twitter is probably either a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme...

    The decent (from a technology pov) projects probably don't have any money at all...

    Don't get me wrong, there are loads of solid ICO projects out there but there are always the wolves out there looking to exploit the crypto bonanza.

  • Supremo

    @joes True. It's not a huge deal to me, I mean I see where they're coming from and you make a good point. I'd definitely say the majority of the ones being advertised like that are basically scams.

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