Bitcoin Management

The Future

Bitcoin is maturing out of infancy, but in order for people to have the trust, it has to be able to secure not billions but trillions of dollars in assets, which requires liquidity and infrastructure.


Bitcoin deemed not a ‘security’ by SEC. Regulated by CFTC as a commodity. Distinguished from other cryptocurrencies which are under review by SEC.


Institutional custodial services coming from key traditional market players. Fidelity launching in 2019. Goldman Sachs and Galaxy via Bitgo. Major players, such as Lloyds, providing insurance.


Bitcoin market cap exceeds $100 billion. Seen as the new institutional asset class for 2019. ETF applications by major asset managers under SEC review. Worldwide inflationary pressure on fiat currencies


No longer for hobbyists. Evolving to industrial, large scale players


NASDAQ. TSX, NEO expanding or investing in Bitcoin trading. Evolving futures market by CME, CBOE and NYSE via Bakkt

Our goal is to secure 100MW, so we can deploy around 80 BlockBoxes to help secure the Bitcoin mining network.